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Bag Closure Products

Ingersoll & Associates sells numerous types of bag closing machines, supplies, lubricants, thread and machine parts. Examples of products where this type of equipment is used for bagging are dog food, cat litter, pancake mixes, peat moss, wood bark mixes, flour, salt, spices and sandbags for flood control.

The equipment is also used in highway construction for joining road bed liners, connecting carpet pieces, manufacture of tarps, etc. Along with these products are the additional items that are part of bagging lines such as conveyors, scales, robotic bag stackers, etc.

All listed thread is 100% polyester. See the THREAD USE CALCULATIONS page for specific thread tension specifications and feet per lb. and choose the thread that is right for your use.
Nylon thread is also available. Call for details.  

We also carry some used bag closers that have been fully rebuilt and are priced accordingly. Please call for specifics.

Please feel free to call our toll free number at 888-259-4040 or email to with any questions.

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